Thursday, March 8, 2007

Podcasting & FCC

At the moment I'm researching where the files will be stored. Website is looking o.k. I am a graphics buff and I wish I could do more with it. But time and my web design learning curve are given obstacles.
I contacted the FCC, and they sent me an e-mail containing some good info. I met with Tamir a future participant/host of a show. He was telling me about "Tesla" the genius/mad scientist. The conversations I've been having via phone and in person exactly what should be broadcast. Our thoughts, Ideas, Motivations, Lives.

I'm also trying to get in touch with Lorenzo Milam. If anyone has any contact info please e-mail it to me I need a copy of his book "Sex & Broadcasting" It is a manual for starting an independent radio station. I hear he has built over 50 of them.

Sign the petition.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Daisey, Saed, and Tamir

Got an e-mail from Daisey... She will be hosting "Tecno-Logic" (The pros and cons of modern technology and how they impact our lives).

Saed came through with some good info.
Tamir and I spoke of a new show. Tentative tittle "Peace Finders". He is such an interesting person. Suddenly all these people who are brilliant are poping out of the woodwork. The need for a venue is now more evident than ever.

We need help with the FCC application process. I'll be calling the FCC today. (Three Times)

There is alot more to radio than being infont of the mic... and some people think thats difficult.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Birth of the Concept

I registered the domain name on Friday February 23rd 2007, at 2:22pm, and started working on it right away. The ideas flowed into my mind. As if God was handing them to me on a flyer. "WATR for the thirsty mind." and "Have you had your WATR today". Since then I contacted, sent KPFK an e-mail for advice and support if they were inclined. I added a petition to the WATR site.

Promethius Radio wrote me back. Through my own research and through them I've learned that the FCC issues FM licenses periodically. The application window for an FM license is 5days, and they announce it three months in advance.

Thus far several people would like to do a show.

Right now it is imparative to get a FM broadcasting license from the FCC, this is what I'm working on.

We are also working on the internet stream and podcast for WATR.
Our goal is to have some audio on the site one way or another by Wednesday , 7th 2007