Thursday, May 23, 2013

Elucidate - No.2 Bicycling

Here's a little ditty about bicycling. Enjoy.

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Music by Goliath Flores

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Elucidate - No.1 The Conquer-ers Mind

My WATR (Atlantic Radio) station has one show now. That's more than zero, which is what it had before. :-) 

So here's my first spoken podcast EVER. It's about ten minutes long. I changed the name of the show from "Topic of the Week" to "Elucidate", mainly because I'm not sure if I can pull one of these off every week. I think so, but I'd rather give myself the room for error in my estimation. I'm having fun. -G

So here it is - The Conquer-ers Mind: 
(Society, Philosophy)

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Music by Goliath Flores

I first intended for this episode to be an hour long, then a half-hour long. But, as I got underway with the podcast I soon realized I'm a complete amateur at this and wound up with about ten minutes of good content. In the future, as I get better at this the podcast will get longer and more in-depth.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Topic of the Week - Tester

Mic check, mic check... Give a listen.

Direct link to audio: Check this out on Chirbit

This is a test show, checking out my audio and trying to stop saying "um" and "so" so much. :-)
The first real episode will be out next Tuesday.

Let's Pick It Up - May Update 2013

I'm picking this project back up. First show will be Topic of the Week hosted by Goliath Flores.

Let's do this. We need it. -G