Sunday, February 14, 2016

Elucidate No. 44 - Gabie Ruiz 2

Gabie Ruiz is a yoga and zumba instructor, and public school educator. She's also a music, arts, and philosophy enthusiast. - It's Valentine's Day, so we talk about relationships, marriage, and sex. And, Osho the philosopher.

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Show notes: 

- Gabie's Yoga 4 Change page:
- Gabies facebook page:

Things we talked about:

- Osho:
- Valentines Day:

Elucidate No. 43 - Sofia Zappi 2

So, Sofia was kind enough to stop by again, and again something went wrong with our podcast. Some of you may remember, the first time I pushed the wrong button for the video (Sofia's previous episode: This time it wasn't my fault. JEA cut the f**king power because they were installing new street lights. The timing was unfortunate, but our street is bright as f**k!

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Show notes: 

- Sofia's blog about being dedicated to living life with quality instead of quantity:
- Sofia playing the cello at TEDx:
- Sofia playing "A Felicidade, Girl of Ipanema (Garota de Ipanema)":

Things we talked about:

- Types of Climbing:
- Wyoming:
- Sao Paolo, Barzil:
- Grand Tenton Music Festival:
- Symphony: