Friday, June 17, 2016

Elucidate No. 51 - The Whaleship Essex

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 Here's an episode about the whaleship Essex of the 1820's. It involves sailing ships, whales, and a torturous journey for survival. I became interested in sea-faring through books, subsequently the idea of being out at sea without modern technology fascinates me.

    My wife says that this story is not for women. 

    I decided to make a historical podcast episode while waiting for DanCarlin to release his next episode. I probably won't be doing like this again for a while, unless some financial realities can be met with it. It's more time consuming than the conversational "interviews" I do. And, I'm really a professional musician, not an orator.
    Nonetheless, this history related podcast differs from others in that I scored a soundtrack for it, and I hope you enjoy it! And I'm not talking about just queuing a tune in the background, I actually scored it like a movie.

    In this episode I stood away from people's names, and dates. I'm not good with those, never have been. I'm interested in story and the sci-fi like quality of historical events. I say "sci-fi like" because we can't live the way people of the past lived, even if we wanted to. It was literally a different world!

Indirectly related to this episode, a good friend said that humans were built for adversity. I'd never considered that until he said that to me. But, in regards to this episode, and life. Unless you're going through a life-or-death situation, if you think that whatever you may be enduring right-now is impossible to get through, think again! 

For a great read and far more details that may answer many of your questions I recommend even implore you to read the book In The Heart of the Sea.

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Show notes:

Pablo Valencia, article about thirst:

- Desert Thirst, The Ordeal of Pablo Valencia:

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Elucidate No. 50 - Scott A. Grant

Scott A. Grant Esq. is a historian currently focusing on the US civil rights movement, and history of racial segregation and race relations in N.E. Florida. We talk about these things, social media, and the internet.

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Things we talked about:

- Martin Luther King Jr. arrested in St. Augustine FL:

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Elucidate No. 49 - R.J. Jojola

R.J. Jojola is an author of dark fantasy. With the life experience of being a body builder, middle school teacher, and sociologist. She gets quite personal in this introductory episode, which is just fine with me. Her no nonsense style is appreciated and is executed with class.

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R.J.'s Website and portal to all her social media:

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Elucidate No. 48 - Recording Music

I haven't released an official, bonafide “Goliath Flores” CD in about ten years. In this episode I talk about that as well as a couple of other related branches to the topic.

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Show Notes: 

Things I mentioned: 

- California Winter original music by yours truly:

- The Convert original film music by me too!:

- Dreaming Uphill, more of my film work:


- David Byrne - 'The internet will suck all creative content out of the world'

- Revenge of the Record Labels - How The Majors Renewed Their Grip On Music

Monday, May 2, 2016

Elucidate No. 47 - Look At the Bright Side of Evil

The slave abolitionist Harriet Tubman is replacing Andrew Jackson on the front of the twenty dollar bill. I've thought for some time that how it's long overdue that money, which we're all exposed to many times a day reflect the ACTUAL better light of history.

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Harriet Tubman:
Andrew Jackson:
Trail of Tears:

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Elucidate No. 46 - Drew

Drew is the administrator of a hospital mental health department. We talk about books by George Orwell and Kurt Vonnegut, society, politics, and the medical system.

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Things we talked about:

- Harrison Bergeron - Film Kurt Vonnegut's based on :
- George Orwell down and out in Paris and London:
- The Cathedral, Radio Lab podcast:
- Homestead Strikes and Massacre:
Terry Prachett - Shaking Hands With Death:

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Elucidate No. 45 - Andre Gruber 6

Andre Gruber is the creator of LUST/APE magazine, is a graphic designer, amateur music historian, worthy musician, and most recently artist and producer of his original animated series The Muckrakers. - We talk about the current presidential election, and social issues.

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Show notes: 

- Andre Gruber's magazine and animated series:
- Andre on twitter:

Things we talked about:

Classical Social Theory, Roberto Unger nails it!
- Why Africa Is Poor: